Consumer electronics

Demand of consumer electronics in India is volatile but continuously increasing ( There are many local and international original equipment manufacturers in the country offering quality electronics and home appliances. However, there are many products available in different ranges but still many of them are not budget friendly for everyone.

Purchasing branded electronics and appliances is a hard nut for most of us belonging to middle class society. The reason is the price of these products which is sky high which is not easy to bear for all. But here is a relief for those who are unable to buy high price branded products but at the same time they want brand like quality. No to worry, things are changing. Many of us have found a new way to fulfil their electronics and appliances requirements.

Factory second electronics India is the growing demand in current scenario ( A large portion of the society is showing their trust in buying factory seconds. It has emerged like a boon to many middle and lower middle class peoples who want brands but not at their original price. This is the point where factory seconds draws the new line.

These factory seconds products are nowhere less in terms of quality. They are the same models of same brands with some cosmetic or any normal defect. They are the products that have failed to pass the final quality inspection test at the end of production cycle. This failure could be for any reason. In majority of cases, if a product or model of a lot fails to pass the quality inspection process then company rejects the whole lot and cease it. This rejected lot then comes to the factory seconds market. However, if we talk technically then these factory second items are like new products. There is no severe fault in these items that could make any defect in its working structure.

Heavy discount might be the reason behind this growing demand of factory seconds product in India, but there is another force that has played a keen role. Online shopping is playing an active role in increasing the purchase of factory seconds electronics in India.

Today, nearly all local and international electronics brands are being sold under the factory second tree ( Brands like Lenovo, Philips, LG, Samsung, Whirlpool, Signoracare, Xiaomi, Micromax, Sony, Toshiba, HP, Motorola, Intex and more offer their factory seconds through some trusted online channels.

GreenDust is one such a brand dealing in the genuine factory seconds products. It is a certified seller for factory seconds, shop soiled, refurbished, carton damaged and surplus products. It is a pioneer in online factory seconds sale. Being a prime seller of factory second electronics, it also deals in a variety of categories including mobiles, home appliance, kitchen-care, computers and more. It also has a wide range of surplus sunglasses, decor, home essentials, fashion jewellery, watches, bags, apparels, footwear’s, home furniture, car accessories